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  • Versa Gripps 'Pro' Pink (The Pick & Mix Favourite!!) #NEW

Versa Gripps Professional - Pink

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Product Description

Versa Gripps 'Professional' - Pink

Woo!! We are excited to announce 'Versa Gripps' are now #INTHEMIX!! We LOVE these Gripps and train with them without fail every session, imported from the US we found these super hard to come by but with such an awesome product?! OF COURSE we had to get them in the mix SOMEHOW to share with you guys!!

Pick & Mix trialled and tested, a staple in our gym bag essentials! We have tried them all...wrist straps, gloves, supports - but NOTHING and we mean NOTHING will rival these!! Straps and other sorts of shop bought grips have snapped on us and we had yet to find something that would support our grip during training - until NOW.

This awesome ALL IN ONE Technology makes these self-supporting Versa Gripps® Professional the MOST Advanced of them all!! Super Scientifically Developed for the BEST grip around!! In this super simple 'pro' PINK design (our favourite:P) these are perfect for any-time or competition use! Simple, stylish and super effective!!

So...what's different?! Well the guys over in the US at Versa Gripps have come up with these awesome Gripps - infact the design is so unique and the support they provide is so incredible - they have now patented these amazing 'Self Supporting' Gripps!! We don't blame them, the design, the feel, the quality, the aid in Gripp support they provide?! Simply unrivalled!

Grip is the FIRST thing to give up on us whilst training! It's the same for most people, you want to get those last few reps...BUT, the hands are sliding, the dumbells are twisting - subsequently you can't optimise your lift to hit that PB you've been chasing!! However this is no longer a problem - pop on these Gripps - wrap and go! The Gripps provide not only provide the perfect comfortable grip on the bar/cable/dumbell whatever it may be!! They are also made with anti-slip material meaning once you've wrapped your Versa Gripps...the bar/dumbell/cable is NOT going anywhere!! 

Things get pretty brutal in the gym especially when your pushing yourself to those new limits, breaking barriers - getting sweaty (you know the usual) this patented material is also anti-bacterial so simply wipe clean and your good to go again, no nasty smells after a few months etc, they stay fresh - no odour and no signs of ripping, tearing, loose stitching!! These Gripps are SUPER hardy and proven to eliminate grip fatigue while protecting hands from unsightly calluses. 

WHY Versa Gripps 'Professional' Pink

So Versa Gripps 'Pro'...whats different?! This particular style of Versa Gripps have an Extended Grip Length which allows MORE of the grip to be wrapped around the bar - meaning once your locked in your ready to go! Your grip remains set in the correct position meaning SUPERIOR grip throughout the life of the product. Designed without bulk! Just strong grip, proper form and NO INJURIES!! You can SAFELY hit those PB's knowing these super strong Gripps will ALWAYS maintain your grip! With EXTRA wrist support AND built in 'Arch Support' - all this for us...well it aids the mind muscle connection, allows us to be more in contact with the bar/dumbells meaning we can concentrate on the important stuff...whatever your training style these Gripps won't get in the way, Gripp still feels natural!!

'Pro' Versa Gripps have been designed with ALL lifting in mind! Be it power-lifting, Olympic Lifting, Bodybuilding, strength traininf, this awesome all round strong design isn't too bulk-y and sits perfectly around your wrists, curving around each part of your hand! A PERFECT design to optimize your day-to-day fitness routine to help you hit targets smash goals and keep lifting STRONG!!

To round all that up (we do love a good essay)

  • Unique "No-Slip" Custom Engineered Material
  • Optimal Support
  • Innovative Wrist Support developed to promote circulation to the hands while eliminating nerve damage.
  • A funnel-shaped design, allows the weight to rest at the base of the hand.
  • Designed to mold comfortably around the bar
  • Heavy Duty Steel Buckle on the wrist strap
  • Maximum Hand Protection from calluses
  • Quick Release Feature - simple hardy velcro strap
  • Hypo-allergenic, Anti-bacterial & Anti-microbial

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