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RAZE your game with outta this world energy & refreshment courtesy of GALAXY BLAST!

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RAZE your game with outta this world energy & refreshment courtesy of GALAXY BLAST!

BURSTing into the Mix this week is the latest fruity flavour from one of our most full-on (yep, this stuff really kicks!!) energy drink faves, RAZE Energy... Galaxy Burst!!

In case you haven't already had the pleasure, RAZE Energy is another great-tasting, zero sugar energy drink adorning our fridges' shelves...it's no 'me too' product, though, and despite its super colourful, friendly exterior, it's probably the most intense and powerful energy drink we have!

Packing REPP Sport's reFRESH technology (that's 'Focus, Recovery, Energy, Stamina, Hydration' to the rest of us!), no matter what your day's challenges - be it a brutal workout, processing a scary spreadsheet or a late-night Netflix binge - RAZE will help you 'raze' your game and get you through it, no sweat (or lots of sweat, dependant on the activity!!)

How does it manage to 'raze' your game so effectively? Well, there's ALOT crammed in every eye-catching can... BCAAs for muscular recovery, nootropics (for focus and mood-boosting wizardry...and SO much of this stuff, it actually helps you ride out any caffeine-crash! Pretty cool, and actually works!), taurine & carnitine (for hydration and endurance) and, of course, caffeine. *Much* caffeine (300mg+) Basically? If M&S are the 'Fuller for Longer' guys, RAZE are definitely the 'FASTER for longer' ones!! :D

Even better? It tastes sweet & refreshing whilst doing it!! Great to vigorous activity, too...we're seeing an increasing tend towards less-carbonated energy drinks. This stuff is the least fizzy of all! Yay to less bloat whilst pumping iron!!

With 7 great flavours and counting (Strawberry Colada and Guava Mango are team faves) - including the new lemonade-y, StarBurst-y *Galaxy Burst* here! - there's a caffeinated, candy-themed cocktail for everyone here!

So, feel yourself flagging as the days get longer? Join us in RAZE-ing a can of REPP Sports' fruity finest...available in the Mix, online and (suitably chilled) instore, now!

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