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'Merica Energy

'Merica Energy - from the Freedom-loving makers of 'Merica Labz (Never Big Enough!) - is hands-down the most 'MERICAN Energy Drink out there, cramming a whole hell of a lot of US 'shock & awe' into some great looking, great tasting, sugarfree beverages.

With no artificial colours or proprietary blends in sight, 'Merica Energy packs that punch we've come to expect with Doug Miller's world-class supplements, offering a 200mg caffeine hit per can (from caffeine anhydrous + guarana!) along with a unique and amazingly effective 'nootropic' focus, concentration and mood-boosting blend (prepare to feel 'Limitless', folks! And, even better, thanks to the modest stimulant blend, your heart won't beat right through your chest at the same time!)

Zero calorie 'Merica Energy 'Red, White and Boom' drinks are perfect day-to-day, perfect for the gym (thanks to the light carbonation!) and straight-up perfect for a great day! Refreshing, fruity and flavoursome, grab a can (or a dozen!) today and feel... 'MERICAN! Wooooo!!