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  • The 'Clean Cheese(Cake)' Mix - 3 Bars & every flavour of the low-carb Cheesecake bars.
  • Protein and Cheesecake...another GREAT combo.
  • The Gourmet Cheesecake Protein Bar Family
  • ANSI Gourmet Cheesecake Bar - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake
  • ANSI Gourmet Cheesecake Bar - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake - Ingredients.
  • ANSI Gourmet Cheesecake Bar - Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake
  • ANSI Gourmet Cheesecake Bar - Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Ingredients.
  • ANSI Gourmet Cheesecake Bar - Strawberry Supreme Cheesecake
  • ANSI Gourmet Cheesecake Bar - Strawberry Supreme Cheesecake. Ingredients.

The 'Clean Cheese(Cake)'

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Product Description

Save over 20% with this Mix

The 'Clean Cheese(Cake)' ANSI Gourmet Cheesecake Bar 'Mix'

Cheesecake Protein Bar!!

Have we got your attention? Good. Well, what if we were to say 'Cheesecake Protein Bar' AND...'low-carb'? AND 'gluten-free'? AND 'all-natural' (sweetened with Stevia!)? AND 'soy-free'? AND '20g of protein'? And did we mention, 'Cheesecake'? Oh...wait, we did. :)

Bottom-line...these cheesecake protein bars from ANSI have alot going for them, and would fit perfectly into even the most restrictive protein-snacking protocol! Low calorie, very low net/impact carbs, high protein, low fat and, best part, super tasty!

Low-carb ANSI Cheesecake Bars at the Protein Pick and Mix

Just check some of these Cheesecake highlights out!

• 20 grams of Isolate Protein
• 100% All Natural
• Gluten Free
• High Fiber 17-19g
• Naturally Sweetened
• NO Soy Protein
• NO Gelatin
• NO Sugar Alcohol
• Hormone Free rBST & rBGH
• Less Sodium
• Low Net Carbs


If you're thinking these bars sound a little bit like everyone's 'cheat-clean' darlings - the Quest Bar - then you'd be dead right! Think it's fair to say that ANSI have made a bid for the crown here and, you know what, they've really not done a bad job! Every bit as 'clean' as a Quest bar and every bit as tasty (ok...we're only talking 3 flavours instead of Quest's 15, but we think they've ticked the key boxes!!) and some would say they've actually got them beaten on texture.

Blasphemy you say?! Well why don't you try the super-clean, cheesecakey range for yourself!! We'd LOVE to hear your thoughts as we're big, big fans of these over here and, believe us, they are NOT easy to get hold of this side of the Atlantic.


This in mind, let us introduce our latest Protein Pick and Mix Brand mix-bundle...

The 'Clean Cheese(cake)':
Get 3 bars - one of each great cheesecake flavour (Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake and Strawberry Supreme Cheesecake) - for a silly discount! SAVE OVER 30% on the price of buying these awesome, must-try bars separately --- that's nearly Buy 2 get 1 FREE!!

(Sorry -- the slice of cheesecake isn't included!! You could always go and make your own totally awesome, high-protein one by following one of ProteinPow's great recipes like this one!)


This 'mix' includes...

The 'Clean Cheese(cake)':

Just add and enjoy, and don't forget to write us all a review! :)

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