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Swolesome Foods - Black Forrest Protein Bar

Gluten Free
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Swolesome Foods - Black Forrest Protein Bar

Introducing another awesome protein-packed baked innovation to our vast array of delicious high-protein 'kinda, sorta' guilt-free treats :P!! Eat protein bars...get 'Swole'!! From the innovators who created the Swolesome cookies comes their latest creation, the 'Conscious Homies' Swolesome Black Forrest protein cake bar (and it's GLUTEN FREE too!)

So, what can you expect!? Well, just like us you will be pleasantly surprised, if your expecting a fudge like bar which often burns off more calories then you are actually consuming then you're in for a shock...a very, VERY pleasant shock. The first bite will be welcomed with a very soft, moist, cake-like, sponge! Sweet, chocolatey with a subtle cherry flavour. This sandwiches a rich vanilla-buttercream, which is practically EXPLODING out, taking these bars to the next level, all coated in a sugar free white chocolate!!

These homemade protein cake bars will give any protein bar a fun for their money, made with some SERIOUS passion...these bars have passed the Pick & Mix trials...we bring you the PERFECT protein bars...small-batch style, shapes and sizes may vary BUT flavour will always remain!! 


Swolesome Foods Black Forrest Protein Bar
Ingredients & Nutritional Information:

Serving Size: 1 
Servings Per Bar: 1

Amount per Serving (approx.)
Calories 288kcal
Total Fat 16g

Net Carbohydrates 16g

Dietary Fiber 17g
Protein 20g

INGREDIENTSWhey protein (soy lecithin), cocoa, cacao, organic coconut, cashews, organic butter, extra virgin pressed coconut oil, coconut milk, stevia, Vitafiber, dried cherries, sugar free white chocolate + dark chocolate.

Gluten Free

Swolesome Conscious Homies Bar - Delivery & (Best) Enjoyment!

Each Swolesome Foods Conscious Homies bar has been stored frozen in the Mix from the second it arrived, fresh-baked, from the Swolesome Foods kitchen.

We strongly recommend, for the very best protein snack experience - you eat within 5 days or pop in the freezer and thaw before enjoying (whenever that may be!)

If storing for 5 days or longer we recommend you store in the refrigerator to keep your bars tip-top!

All Swolesome bars should arrive with you ready to eat but, if you're storing frozen, to defrost just take out of the freezer and leave to stand 30 minutes prior to snacking bliss!

Protein (per whole bar):
Net Carbs (per whole bar):
Dietary Fibre (per whole bar):
Fat (per whole bar):
Gluten Free:
Calories (per whole bar):