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  • Supashape High Protein Pancake Mix - Apple Cinnamon (500g)
  • Supashape High Protein Pancake Mix - Apple Cinnamon - Nutritionals

Supashape Protein Pancake Mix - Apple Cinnamon

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Product Description

Supashape High Protein Pancake Mix - Apple & Cinnamon

Supashape's Apple Cinnamon High Protein Pancakes provide the ideal breakfast, dessert or any-time healthy treat or snack for those who follow a fitness lifestyle.

If you're like most fitness enthusiasts you've probably resigned yourself to the fact that traditionally served pancakes just don't provide decent levels of high quality protein without high levels of simple sugars and fat. However with Supashape's high protein, whole-grain pancake mix, you can now start your day off guilt free!

Availabe in a great range of flavours, your Supashape high protein pancakes with come out light and with a great aroma and soft texture...good enough to eat straight from the pan with no butter, syrup or honey needed (although some peanut butter, almond butter, or calorie-free syrup go that extra mile to push these protein-y pancakes right into the stratosphere!)

Best part...each 500g tub makes up to 50 pancakes!! This should satisfy alot of cravings. ;)


How do I make Supashape High Protein Pancakes? It's easy, right?

You bet! Just place one scoop ( Approx 50 g) of Supashape High Protein Pancake mix and 100 ml to 125 ml milk (dairy would be fine, but almond, hazelnut or coconut add a nice edge!) in a mixing bowl. Then simply blend with a fork or whisk until the batter is still slightly lumpy (do not over mix). Done! This blend should be good for four or five, six inch (15 cm) pancakes. :)

To make the pancake itself then, just pour 2 to 3 tablespoons of batter onto a preheated (preferably) non-stick pan (we always use Coconut Oil here, but 1-cal spray, olive oil, vegetable oil or butter would do nicely!), spreading it thinly over an area roughly 15 cm in diameter. Then simply cook the pancakes for approximately 1 minute per side or until golden brown, turning once only.

Want a thicker pancake? Add more batter! Thinner? Less (or a bigger pan!) You get the idea! :)

Don't forget to check our 'Videos' section below for a nifty little instructional clip from Supashape!


Want MORE protein?

Each pancake (assuming 4/5 per 50g mix/powder serving) should work out at about 3/4g of protein but, if you fancy bumping that up a bit, why not just throw in a little of your favourite whey? Add a tablespoon or two of your favourite powder to the High Protein Pancake mix and blend with a little extra fat free milk. SUPERCHARGED! 'Leg Day' pancakes. ;)


Ingredients & Nutritional Information:

Serving size: 50g (1 scoop)
Servings Per Container: 10

Supashape High Protein Pancake Mix - Apple Cinnamon Nutritionals



Supashape Protein Complex (high biological value, protein complex composed of: Ultra and Cross-Flow Micro-Filtered Whey Proteins, Calcium Caseinate & Egg Albumen powder), Oatmeal Powder, Potato Starch, Chickpea flour, Brown Rice flour, Flavours, Ground Cinnamon, Malic Acid, Baking Soda, Sea Salt, Sucralose (non nutritive sweetener).

Allergens: Cow's Milk, Soya, Egg. May contain traces of Wheat (gluten). Manufactured in a factory that uses peanuts & tree nuts.


Protein Pancakes! Yep...they're right up there with home-made protein brownies, muffins and cookies as a GREAT excuse to make a nice, little mess. We'll tell you's ALOT easier to get these right (especially with this great Supashape protein pancake mix) than brownies, cookies and the rest! Yep...quick little whisk and you can by flipping away, wrapping up some banana slices and drowning in Peanut Butter before you know it!

Perfect for Pancake Day! ;)

Other Details

Protein (per 50g w/ fat-free milk):
Carbs (per 50g w/ fat-free milk):
Dietary Fibre (per 50g w/ fat-free milk):
Fat (per 50g w/ fat-free milk):
Calories (per 50g w/ fat-free milk):
Gluten Free:
Soy Free:
Apple Cinnamon

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