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  • Barney Butter Almond Butter - Cocoa + Coconut #NEW #FEAT

Barney's Almond Butter - Cocoa + Coconut


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Product Description

Barney Butter - Cocoa + Coconut All Natural Almond Butter (284g)

We are EXTREMELY excited to announce we now have FRESH stock of our awesome Californian Almond butter!!

All natural, super tasty and totally peanut-free, Barney's like to do almond butter just a little differently! From the finest California almonds through to their unique blanching, roasting and super-smooth blending, Barney's gluten-free almond butter delivers a new and delightfully unfamiliar almond experience from the first spoonful to the last scraping, and even just the smell of this sweet and summery Cocoa + Coconut blend is utterly intoxicating. A Caribbean holiday in a tub!

Lovingly crafted by expert Barney-blenders in Fresno, California, Cocoa + Coconut Barney Butter is the almond butter for 'the people'; the yearning, burgeoning nut-butter loving British public who are just desperate to introduce some heart-healthy almonds into their day-to-day lives but can't quite get their taste-buds around that all-too-familiar almond butter grainy grittiness. Enter Barney Butter to save the day (and especially that cheeky walking-through-the-kitchen snack time!) ;)

The Barney Butter facility is also almond only; if you have allergies, fear not! Unlike so many other nut butter manufacturers, Barney's only produce almonds, and all Barney Butters are guaranteed peanut-free, with no peanut particles or contaminants of any kind!

With an taste and texture sensation unlike any other, Barney Butter is sure to dispell any lurking pangs of peanut desire, and it brings with it the full goodness of Californian Almonds; this is almonds the way they are meant to be enjoyed!

RSPO Certified Logo

A quick note on Palm Oil!
Please note that Barney Butter only uses RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Fruit Oil (the 'fruit' part is important as Palm Fruit Oil is a far healthier alternative to the more common, inferior Palm Kernel Oil, and in itself it is rich in "good fats". For more information and a quick comparison between the two types of Palm Oil, click here or hit up Google!)


So what makes Cocoa + Coconut Barney Butter so different?

From the moment you crack the seal on your first tub of Barney''ll just know. Fom the first taste? Whether on a finger, a spoon or a Snack-a-jack...well...that's you done!

The true magic - the essense of Barney Butter's quite phenomenal popularity Stateside - is, and will always be, the almonds. The finest Californian almonds available (indeed, Barney Butter is blended into being in California, just up the road from the very orchards where the almonds are grown!) are carefully blanched (the slightly bitter, familiar brown skins removed) and the almonds gently roasted.

What difference does this process make?'ll quickly see (and taste) for yourselves! Truly perfected by Barney's blenders, this very unusual almond butter preparation results in an utterly cravable, 110% delicious, ultra-smooth and spreadable, clean-tasting almond butter sensation...far, far closer to that undisputedly awesome childhood peanut butter experience we all remember so fondly but, hitherto, had to live without in our almond butters.


Why buy Barney's Almond Butter Cocoa + Coconut:

  • Totally Peanut Free Facility (great news for peanut allergy sufferers)
  • Higher fibre, calcium, iron and less saturated fat than peanut butter
  • Silky Smooth Texture (unlike any almond butter you'll have tried!)
  • Contains Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Dairy, soy and nut free mini chocolate chips
  • No Stir Formulation
  • All Natural & Organic
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Certified Kosher
  • Certified Sustainable Palm Fruit Oil (not inferior palm kernel oil)
  • Certified Vegan & Vegetarian
  • Non-GMO verified
  • Only Premium Californian Almonds
  • Made with love in California
  • The No.1 almond butter on


Barney Butter Almond Butter Cocoa + Coconut Ingredients & Nutritionals:

All Natural Barney's Almond Butter - Cocoa + coconut nutritionals.


Other Ingredients: Blanched roasted Californian Almonds, Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips (Dairy, nut and soy free mini chips), Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Natural Coconut Flavour, Palm Fruit Oil (certified Sustainable).


From the first second we tried Barney's fabulous Almond Butter, we knew we had to get it into the Protein Pick and Mix.

With its totally unrivalled texture and taste, this super-smooth, utterly irresistable almond butter and all the awesome Barney flavours (including this truly exceptional Vanilla Bean & Espresso!) we were, quite simply, blown away. We went 'nuts' for it, if you will! Been a long time coming, but i'm now overjoyed to be able to say...Barney's is IN THE MIX!

Seriously, guys...if you're a nut butter fan (and especially if you're an almond butter fan / a peanut allergy sufferer) you owe it to yourself to pick up a cute little Barney Butter tub today! No.1 on and at the very top of Google's search listings for almond butter in the US, this stuff is unbelievably popular across the Atlantic...and you don't get into this hallowed position in the incredibly crowded US nut-butter marketplace without seriously good reason!!

Think you better see what all the fuss is about? Good plan! You can't go wrong with any Barney Butter flavour, but we personally recommend the Barney Butter's simply mind-blowing! You can thank us later! ;)

Other Details

Protein (per 100g):
Carbs (per 100g):
Fat (per 100g):
Calories (per 100g):
Gluten Free:
Peanut Free:
Chocolate Coconut

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