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  • Loving Earth Organic Raw Activated Buckinis Deluxe Clusters #NEW #FEAT

Loving Earth 'Buckinis' Deluxe Clusters


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Product Description

Loving Earth Raw Organic Activated 'Buckinis' Deluxe Clusters - 400g

Loving Earth has hit the Mix an awesome company all the way from Melbourne! We are ALL about fun, textured granola and cereals here at The Protein Pick & Mix, and when they're made using awesome free-from style ingredients and ingredients we KNOW our bodies love - 'real food' with no added sugars...we're pretty pleased with this stuff!! These tasty little Loving Earth raw Organic activated DELUXE Clusters' CERTAINLY tick ALL the right boxes!!

Whilst being Organic, vegan friendly, grain AND gluten free, this cereal is also an AWESOME source of protein!! Utilising all the wholefood ingredients in this box of heavenly clustered goodness!! A mix of heaven - FULL of only the good stuff!! A sprinkling of cinnamon, a TON of nuts and seeds teamed with a handful of dried fruits AND raw cacao nibs!! I think we can ALL get on board with these super DELUXE clusters!! Using 'activated' ingredients seems to be the way forward!!

So...activating ingredients..HOW, WHAT, WHY?! A lot of brands use heat to toast, puff, coat their cereals/granolas etc..NOT Loving Earth, because Loving Earth realise that using a heating process tears away ALL the nutrients of the nut and instead?! The guys at Loving Earth use an 'activation' method whereby they soak the seeds/buckwheat/nuts etc to release the enzymes so you are JUST left with the nutrients...meaning the seeds quite literally COME TO LIFE!! 

You know what else the activation process helps with?! FLAVOUR!! Taste is our NUMBER ONE with everything, when it comes down to it...if it tastes good, we usually want it!! The activation process stops the 'Buckinis' (this is just the activated Buckwheat) from going soggy in water/milk/yoghurt etc!! Whilst Buckinis sound like some sort of wheat/grain they're actually a HIGH PROTEIN SEED!! No wheat or gluten in sight!!

This awesome RECYCLED, vegetable inked box of the most delicious 'Deluxe Clusters' super premium packed with ALL the best nuts and seeds!! Whilst having an incredibly decadent taste - so much CRUNCH!!l All PACKED with body nourishing goodness and SUPER tasty 'Buckini' clusters, mixed with nuts, fruits, spices and MORE super high protein seeds..we recommend using as a topper for yoghurt/ice cream etc OR the perfect oats alternative!! Warm through with some milk and prepare to be amazed!! We like to add a sprinkling of cinnamon too!! Add fruit - get creative with these awesome Loving Earth Raw Organic Activated Deluxe Cluster Buckinis!!


Loving Earth Raw Organic Activated Deluxe Cluster Buckinis Ingredients & Nutritional Information:

Serving Size: 50g

Nutritional Information Per 100g
Energy (kcal / kj) 390kcal


Carbohydrates 60.5g
- Of which sugars 19g
Fat 10.7g
- Of which saturates 4.2g
Salt 42g

Ingredients: Caramelised Buckinis, (Organic Activated Buckwheat, Organic Agave Syrup, Organic Mesquite Powder, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Maca Powder, Pink Lake Salt), Organic Activated Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Activated Cashews, Organic Raw Cacao Nibs, organic currants, organic cranberries (apple juice sweetened), organic caramelised coconut chips (Organic Coconut, Organic Coconut Nectar), Goji Berries

Allergen Information: Made in Australia with imported ingredients. Certified Organic

Other Details

Protein (per 100g):
Carbs (per 100g):
Fat (per 100g):
Calories (per 100g):
Gluten Free:
Dairy Free:

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