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  • MAN Sports Recovery Stack - Clean Protein & ISO Amino #NEW

The MAN Sports Recovery Stack

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Product Description

Save over 10% with this Stack

The MAN Sports 'Recovery Stack' - Clean Protein + ISO Amino

Soo...we all have our very own training stacks, brands that we love and we stick with, brands that we know and trust, ones we've used since the beginning...they always seem to be running low around the same time right?! We order and figure...well I need that what if we bundled together two staple ingredients to your intra/post-workout stack.

With so many to choose from in the vast array of flavours in ISO Aminos and Clean Protein there is a flavour for everyone to enjoy!! If you're a fan of awesome tasting supps and supps that do EXACTLY as they're supposed to with no proprietary blends here folk's! Just uncompromising quality and flavour.

We bundled these two together so you guys can get your intra-workout BCAA's and your post-workout protein for an even more awesome price!! Saving you over 10% when bundled together!! 

So why do we need both?! WELL BCAA's are the building blocks to lean muscle growth and recovery!! In the typically awesome 2:1:1 ratio, not only this but they can also help to torch fat and accelerate endurance!! With only one scoop packing 5 grams of pure isolated BCAA's with no fluff, no fillers and no added colours or dyes. These BCAAs are everything you need to rebuild, repair and trigger lean muscle growth!!

As for protein?! Why do we need protein?! Well protein holds vital nutrients we need to ensure our bodies are performing at their best! Clean Protein has been 'cold processed' thus meaning NO nutrients are lost from the direct protein source! Each source is NANO-FILTERED to ensure your getting the highest quality protein, meaning this stuff is super easy to digest which makes it perfect to have ANY time of day!! Protein is needed for optimal muscle recovery...when pushing ourselves through a gruelling workout we are breaking muscle fibres that need repairing so they can grow back bigger and stronger...this is EXACTLY what protein does for us!! We can replenish muscles stores so they can strengthen, grow and repair!! 

Even better?! Clean Protein is a FULL DISCLOSURE protein blend so you'll know EXACTLY to the gram how much protein you're ACTUALLY getting per scoop, not only this but the amount of protein you are getting from each protein source!! 

So there it is folks....the MAN Sports Recovery Stack.. the perfect bundle to ensure you guys have all you need to help your training!! Whether it's in the gym, on the rugby pitch, in the swimming pool...we ALL need Amino's + Protein!! 



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