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Ambrosia Planta Premium Vegan Protein - Peanut Butter Cup

Gluten Free

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Ambrosia Planta Premium Vegan Protein - Peanut Butter Cup
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Ambrosia Collective Planta™ Premium Plant Protein - Peanut Butter Cup (25 Servings, 850g)

Ambrosia's Planta™ is a premium vegan protein powder that seeks to represent 'the perfection of plant-based protein' by offering, alongside a no-compromise, recovery-fuelling, BCAA and vitamin-fortified formula, a great-tasting, easy-mixing range of unique, irresistible flavours - from their famous Sprinkle Cupcake (with actual sprinkles, of course!!) through to Banana Maple French Toast and the outstanding Peanut Butter Cup - never before seen in dairy-free protein shakes!

Mike Rashid King's Ambrosia Collective is driven to create products that help us unlock our true human potential using only the very best, scientifically validated and verified ingredients and, to that end, the Planta™ Plant Protein range of shakes carry a versatile organic brown rice and pea protein blend, with added SunBCAA™ amino acids at an efficacious 2:1:1 ratio. And, even better, each serving of Planta™ contains just 100 calories, packs 20g protein, 1g sugar, and a whopping 27 vitamins/minerals to fuel improved recovery.

All too often the terms 'dairy-free' and 'vegan', particularly where protein shakes and powders are concerned, are seen as synonymous with boring, earthy and unappealing...luckily? Ambrosia refuse to compromise on flavour or experience and, combined with unreal nutritionals and Ambrosia's typically unbeatable ingredients, Planta means plant-powered doesn't need to throw indulgence out the window, as you'll quickly discover after trying these great-tasting, silky smooth, milkshake-style (milk-free) protein shakes!


Why Ambrosia Planta™ Premium Vegan Protein?!

  • Soy free
  • Gluten free (save for a trace amount in the Sprinkle Cupcake flavour's sprinkles)
  • No added sugar
  • Vegan / Vegetarian
  • Delicious range of flavours of unique, indulgent flavours
  • Smooth texture with great mixability (perfect mixed with water but, for an even thicker more indulgent shake, try a nut or coconut milk!)
  • No artificial flavours/colours
  • No saturated fat/cholesterol
  • No amino spiking


Ambrosia Planta™ Vegan Protein - Peanut Butter Cup
Ingredients & Nutritional Information:

Serving Size 1 Rounded Scoop (34g)
Servings Per Container 25
Amount Per Serving  
Calories 110
Total Fat 2g
 - Unsaturated Fat 1g
Total Carbohydrate 3g
 - Dietary Fibre 2g
 - Sugars 1g
Protein 20g
Salt 187.5mg

Best enjoyment/use: Simply mix 1 scoop of Planta with 10-12oz (or more/less to taste) of water or almond/coconut/soy milk of choice. Best use alongside proper whole-food intake, consume 1-3 shakes throughout the day to meet your protein requirements.

Ingredients: Organic Pea Protein, Organic brown Rice Protein, PEANUT Flour, Cacao, Organic Coconut Sugar, Gum [Blend]: (Xanthan Gum, Gum Acacia, Guar Gum), Natural PEANUT Butter Cup Flavour, Sunflower Lecithin, Lethan Gum [fruit] Extract, Sucralose.

SunBCAA™ is a registered trademark of ST Nutraceuticals.

For allergens, please see ingredients marked in BOLD.

Protein (per 34g serving):
Carbs (per 34g serving):
Dietary Fibre (per 34g serving):
Fat (per 34g serving):
Calories (per 34g serving):
Soy Free:
Dairy Free:
Lactose Free:
Low Fat:
Low Carb:
Low Sugar:
Gluten Free: