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Ambrosia Collective

What good is it to look great on the outside only to be crumbling on the inside? Indeed, it's actually impossible to perform your best, feel your best or reap the most rewards from your intense, kickass training regime and 'clean' diet if you neglect your liver, kidneys and heart...your tendons and joints...your stress-levels and sleep. Well, fortunately, this is exactly where Ambrosia (aka 'the food of the Gods') comes in!

Combining a distinctive old-school, apothecary-style look & ethos with decidedly new-school, scientifically-validated ingredients and formulas, The Ambrosia Collective offers us a range of unique, premium-quality products which, with a holistic focus, are dedicated to improving often-overlooked areas of our health and fitness, from mobility and immune function to those annoyingly persistent feelings of tiredness and fatigue.

Oh, and did we mention...Ambrosia make a Sprinkle Cupcake Planta Vegan Protein (and, yes, there are ACTUAL, all-natural sprinkles in there!)