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Top 3 Snack & Supplement Trends To 'Pick' In 2020!

News just in - "Curls are cool, CrossFit has had its time, bodybuilding is back and cookies are ok...probably," says local gym goer.

We've made it folks, 2020 has begun! What trends can we expect? 5G, AI, vintage, sustainability, Brexit...maybe? Ok, forget all of that, the world is changing FAST and so are the snacks.

Let's start by focusing on the single most important thing in the world...you! Nothing comes above feeling and looking great (right?), so let's take a look at some of the snack and supplement trends to jump on for 2020!


The future is looking green!

From Netflix's acclaimed The Game Changers Documentary, to the general rise in awareness and investment in veganism, 2019 saw the vegan movement continue to grow. We've seen an evolution in the range of vegan snacks and supps available, that finally...don't just taste of pea! Even those of us that simply can't give up on Nando's and refused to swap in some nut loaf for stuffing at Xmas all understand that mixing up your diet is certainly beneficial, especially for those with allergies or intolerances.

For us? The most notable changes were the increase in low cal, high protein snacks that aren't just packed with dates, such as the delicious and nutritious ONE Plant bars, along with a whole bunch of wacky protein powder flavours, from the Ghost Lifestyle Banana Pancake Batter to the unreal Chocolate Salted Caramel Awesome Supplements creation!


"Protein powder, the most versatile substance in the world with unlimited baking possibilities"
- Unaccredited Scientist who read a book one time

Could the reign of the protein bar be over?! Probably not. But we've certainly seen a rise in the number of high protein squares, fingers, cookies and candies rising to the top of the treat charts. We all love protein bars, but let's face it, having the same thing all the time is...boring!

Add some crisps, squares and biscuits to your 'Mix' for some added 2020 variety...if nothing else, this year is certainly going to taste different!


2020 brain usage - 100% 🤯

Let's face it, posting on Instagram, counting macros, working out and hitting your steps for the day takes up some serious brain power! Keeping up with the modern, fast-paced environment is becoming harder than ever and while it's great to chill, when it's time to get sh**t done, you need to stay sharp and be ready to roll with the punches. That's where nootropics and energy drinks come into play!

From classic beverages like Monster Energy, to the new wave of both stim & stim-free energy drinks and powders, many are now packed with both BCAAs and nootropics for another level of focus and performance. In the gym, playing sports, gaming (hello GFUEL!), the new wave of supplements hitting the Mix are expected to help us in all areas of our life.

If Professor X has taught us anything, it's that the brain has pretty much unlimited potential...even if it isn't a muscle!

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