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3D Energy

With a smooth, clean flavour and strikingly simple branding (the matte finish on the cans and black tops and tabs are sexy AF, though!), 'CG' - the one and only Christian Guzman - has taken the USA by storm with his 3D Energy Drinks (formerly 'UP Energy'), and now we're beyond excited to be able to share them with you, right here in the UK at The Protein Pick and Mix!

Twice filtered and offering a powerful 200mg caffeine/guarana energy blend, Christian's 3D Energy is lightly carbonated (small bubbles, so you can fuel your gym session with a can of 3D without messing up your stomach!), sugarfree and, with a range of great-tasting, refreshing, colour-themed flavours available - from White (Grapefruit/Citrus) to Red (Cherry Fruit Punch) - offers you a delicious, fruity energy boost you'll love.