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Pre-Workouts & Energy

Pre-workouts are specially formulated for when you need that extra boost of energy right before your workout, and often the main ingredient being caffeine, a heavily researched and proven ingredient to enhance sporting performance. 

In the Mix we like to have that personalised touch, that's why we have such a variety of pre-workouts as they all contain different amounts of caffeine so you can pick the perfect pre-workout for you! 

If you're the type who, despite nailing several espressos, feels nothing then the likes of GHOST LegendC4 or 'Merica Labz 'Red, White and Boom' may be just what your looking for, packing a powerful punch of caffeine to get you through the toughest of workouts.

If you're a little more sensitive to caffeine then PEScience's Prolific and or GHOST Legend may be the pre-workout for you. 

With many more brands available, we are sure you will find the right pre-workout for you here in the Mix!