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G FUEL Energy

The undisputed OG of gaming energy products (and the Official Drink of eSports!), Gamma Labs' G FUEL, has arrived in the UK at The Protein Pick and Mix in all its colourful, pixel-popping glory!

Created by Gamma Labs as an alternative to sugary energy drinks, GFUEL's clean, all-natural formula has earned almost legendary status amongst the gaming elite but its boost to your energy, focus and endurance makes it perfect to meet the highest standards and growing demands of the most active, frenetic lifestyles; from Call of Duty to Cross-fit...streaming to Strongman...G FUEL's wide range of antioxidant-boosted, sugar-free, awesome-tasting flavours (truly!! These taste even better than they look!!) - many endorsed by infamous Youtubers (like Pewdiepie!!) and pro gamers and clans (like FaZe) - are sure to help you level-up!!