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Anything missing from The Protein Pick and Mix?

Whilst we've done our best to kick things off with the widest possible range of the widest possible flavours of all products, samples and tasty treats (and we'll be adding more all the time!) it's very possible we've missed a few obvious choices. Hey, protein-fortifed or not, we're only human! :)

Help us to help you...let's make The Protein Pick and Mix as awesome and useful as it can be! If you have any suggestions or requests for new products, new flavours, new brands or even if you want us to feature your own products in 'the mix', just let us know! Anything you think might be suitable for our 'pick and mix', trial-size/impulse format...we're game.

All suggestions gratefully received, and we love discovering new goodies and trying new stuff just as much as you.

Simply email us at support@proteinpickandmix.co.uk! Give us a product name, a brand, a URL, industry hearsay...we'll look into it and do what we can.

If we end up adding the product to the 'mix', we might even thank-you with a few freebies! ;)


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