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Dairy / Whey Protein

Whey Protein (from milk!) has always been the staple of any gym-goers supplement 'stack'...from Whey Concentrate to Whey Isolates (like Dymatize ISO-100) and mixed blends (like PES Select Protein), dairy-based protein shakes come in a huge range of tasty flavours, are low carb, low fat and low sugar and, often, are the best value, bang-for-buck protein source.

Great in shakes post-workout or first thing in the morning...great when mixed into yogurts or bowls of porridge (who DOESN'T love a protein porridge!!)...with the great selection of hand-selected whey protein powders at The Protein Pick and Mix? Trust us...you can't go wrong!! And every sweet-tooth is very well catered for! ;)