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Syrups, Sauces & Drops

With choice a-plenty here in the Mix, whether it be pancakes, waffles, oats or coffee?! These syrups will transform any of your favourite goodies. If you are looking for a sugar free alternative to some of your favourite syrups or savoury sauces then why not check out The Skinny Food Co, or Callowfit syrups, with flavours like traditional chocolate, or salt-y caramel and also offering savoury sauces, what more could you ask for!? 

If, like us here at the mix you love a good coffee then why not take your coffee drinking experience to the next level without diet devastating consequences?! With sugar-free coffee-creamers from again The Skinny Food Co, be your own Barista! How about something a little more portable? Why not try the pocket rocket that is Applied Nutrition's Flavo-Drops OR  Franky's Bakery Flavour Drops, in all your favourite flavours, almond, hazelnut, vanilla and many more.

What ever your heart desires (or sweet tooth), we can definitely sort you out here at the mix!!