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Amino Acids / BCAAs

So lets get the science out the WHEY (sorry, we had to...). BCAA's are essential, meaning we must get them through our diet because our body does not produce them. They have various functions but the one we are most interested in is its ability to reduce muscle breakdown and enhance recovery (catchyalater, DOMS!).

So why take it BCAA's? Well, being primarily digested in the skeletal muscle some data suggests BCAA's can help reduce muscle soreness and repair muscle damage induced by exercise. With that being said, its suggested BCAA's are a useful supplement to take to reduce muscle damage, increasing recovering, allowing you to train more often. 

Not only do they help you recover, but brands like PEScience and GHOST Lifestyle keep coming out with amazing tasting flavours like mango splash, strawberry breeze, Warheads® Sour Watermelon, Lemon Lime and many more. A perfect, refreshing addition to any supplement stack.