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Actual Candy Sour Strips

Who's ready for some REAL Pick 'n Mix, then? Some badass sour candy that doesn't suck?! Right here, dude!

Whilst we always tend to favour protein-packed sweets and treats at The Protein Pick and Mix, we took one look at Maxx Chewning's siiiick-looking (extra) sour candy strips and...we couldn't resist!! Sharing our love of great candy (and, clearly, our love of stripes!!) Maxx's Sour Strips are, unashamedly, straight-up - *ACTUAL* - sour candy. No fuss, no frills...just powerful bursts of fruity flavour with a totes addictive, mouth-puckering sour finish.

Selling our instantly over in the States, Actual Candy's striking, sour (and strikingly sour!!) 'Sour Strips' are available in the UK at The Protein Pick and Mix now!! The ultimate pump-fuelling pre-workout or the ultimate post-workout reward? You decide!! Pick 'n Mix Maxx's Sour Strips now (if you dare!!)