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Nuts & Nut Butters

Ok...we LOVE these here at The Protein Pick and Mix. Nuts butters - peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter...all pretty-much worth killing for* - are good enough...but throw in some extra protein? Wow.

All natural, all nutty, and with added Whey Protein & Omega3s (we called it 'fortified'!)...check out Nuts 'n More and all their great flavours!

What something truly EPIC? From a sprinkle-filled Birthday Cake butter to a cookie-stuffed Cookies & Cream butter, you'll not want to miss Epic Spreads! Epic peanut butter (with a dash of coconut and a hint of cashew) straight from California and into the Mix!

Looking for a premium almond butter experience? If should be! Almond butter is the best of the best as far as we're concerned (sorry peanuts!) and you simply can't get better than Californian Almonds. This in mind - and bringing with them super-cute little tubs and some very Pick-and-Mix-y branding - Barney Butter has landed in the Mix! Utterly smooth, delicious and decadent, available in a range of amazing flavours and, great news for allergy sufferers, 100% guaranteed peanut free!

After an awesome, straight-up, 100% peanut (and nothing else! No additives, no added oils, no added sugar or sale...nothing!) peanut butter? Take a look at Pip & Nut or Pure Superfoods! All-natural and, most importantly, all-tasty. You'll only wish the tubs were bigger!


* Slight exaggeration

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