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International Shipping


Despite every care and daily arguments with DPD and other carriers, 95% of parcels are being repeatedly returned. As things stand? We can't with any confidence accept any EU orders.

So, so sorry...we're hitting a brickwall here; there are many bewildering restrictions on foods (including supplements and even chocolate and candy!!) that were totally fine just weeks ago, on top of the complex and confusing requirements for Customs Declarations. Worse? These rules, restrictions and requirements vary by country (eg. Spain has different rules than Germany) and no-one anywhere has a definitive list of what can be sent and precisely how!!!

At this point shipping via Road or Air to the EU, regardless of cost, remains impossible for us. It's HORRIBLE, but there it is. Unless things change, the best we're going to be able to do for the near future is very carefully allow certain types of products to be sold to each country, expanding the list as the EU relaxes some of the crazier rules and as carriers like DPD get better at handling the paperwork for export.

We will do our best to keep you guys updated as this is every bit as horrible and frustrating for us as it is for you. I can't believe things have been allowed to get this bad so something will surely have to give over the coming months. Keep the faith, folks!! :)

EU Shipping - Post Brexit (Updated 31/01/21)

We're desperately trying to get things up and running but we have had ABSOLUTELY NO SUCCESS so far! So sorry, folks...this is proving to be even worse than feared.

  • Delays are very likely. Particularly in these very early days as we're getting used to preparing paperwork and Customs agents are dealing with large numbers of parcels that now need to be checked at the border, anticipate a few days delay (and, at first, we will probably send EU orders in small batches until we know all new systems work and our goods are allowed!)

  • Sales Taxes *will* be charged. Whilst we no longer charge you UK VAT here (saving you up to 20%!) Customs in your country will probably demand it (usually paid to DPD before delivery).

  • Duties/Tariffs *will* be charged. Even with a Brexit Deal in place, some tariffs will still apply to goods manufactured outside the UK/EU, for example goods from the USA. This could add up to 20% to the cost of your order.

  • Some types of product will not be allowed into your country/into the EU. Crazy but...it's looking to be the case. Even chocolate bars are being returned!! This may never change. :(

  • Customs processing/handling fees. The good news is that these are relatively small and, in large part, we are aiming to cover these as part of your Pick&Mix shipping fee! :)

...and that's about it! We've done everything we can to prepare and hopefully there are no nasty surprises beyond the above! Please let us know of any problems when your goodies are delivered and we will update our processes and notices as required!

Thanks for sticking with us despite this unwelcome Brexit road-block!! Hopefully we'll get there in the end!

Protein Pick and Mix International Shipping

International and EU Shipping & Delivery  (Updated 03/01/21)

We're working to add new countries all the time (please bear with us!) but, currently, we are very happy to deliver to Ireland, Gibraltar, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Holland, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal and, where we can, to Canada, New Zealand, Japan and the USA!

For full details, please see our International Shipping tables below.

Generally speaking? The more you spend....the more you save! Free shipping to select European destinations from £200! :)

We're delighted to now be able to offer FREE DELIVERY to all European destinations on orders over certain amounts as below!

Did you know? You can now shop Protein Pick and Mix in Euros?! Simply select your currency via our currency selector (at the top of the page) or click here to change to Euros automatically.
CountryDelivery in...£0-£50£50-£100£100-£150£150-£200£200+£300+
Ireland 2-3 Days 14.99 11.99 7.99 3.99 FREE FREE
France 2-4 Days 16.99 12.99 8.99 4.99 FREE FREE
Germany 2-4 Days 14.99 11.99 7.99 3.99 FREE FREE
Belgium 2-4 Days 14.99 11.99 7.99 3.99 FREE FREE
Netherlands 2-4 Days 14.99 11.99 7.99 3.99 FREE FREE
Luxembourg 2-4 Days 11.99 8.99 4.99 FREE FREE FREE
Austria 3-4 Days 19.99 14.99 9.99 4.99 FREE FREE
Italy (DPD Only) 3-4 Days 23.99 20.99 16.99 11.99 4.99 FREE
Denmark 3-4 Days 15.99 13.99 10.99 5.99 FREE FREE
Sweden 4-5 Days 21.99 18.99 14.99 8.99 4.99 FREE
Switzerland (w/ £25 Customs Fee) 3-4 Days 39.99 34.99 29.99 24.99 19.99 FREE
Spain (DPD only) 3-5 Days 23.99 20.99 16.99 11.99 4.99 FREE
Finland 4-7 Days 20.99 16.99 11.99 6.99 FREE FREE
Estonia 4-6 Days 34.99 29.99 24.99 17.99 7.99 FREE
Poland 3-5 Days 34.99 30.99 26.99 14.99 5.99 FREE
6-9 Days 34.99 30.99 26.99 19.99 9.99 FREE
Portugal 4-6 Days 21.99 18.99 16.99 13.99 4.99 FREE
Greece 4-6 Days 29.99 24.99 19.99 12.99 FREE FREE
Hungary 4-6 Days 15.99 13.99 10.99 7.99 FREE FREE
Czech Republic 4-6 Days 15.99 13.99 10.99 7.99 FREE FREE
Slovenia 6 Days 29.99 24.99 19.99 12.99 FREE FREE
United States 3-5 Days Shipped via Air. Air rates vary by weight - please see final shipping estimate at checkout.
Australia 3-10 Days Shipped via Air. Air rates vary by weight - please see final shipping estimate at checkout.
New Zealand (NEW!) 3-10 Days Shipped via Air. Air rates/services vary by speed/weight - please see final shipping estimate at checkout.
Israel (NEW!) 3-10 Days Shipped via Air. Air rates/services vary by speed/weight - please see final shipping estimate at checkout.
Japan (NEW!) 2-4 Days Shipped via Air. Air rates vary by weight - please see final shipping estimate at checkout.
United Arab Emirates (NEW!) 2-4 Days Shipped via Air. Air rates vary by weight - please see final shipping estimate at checkout.

All parcels will be sent fully tracked and will require signature on delivery. All delivery times are estimates as your parcel's transit can easily be heavily affected by Customs delays and other unforeseen circumstances arising from the greater, cross-border distances involved.

Prices quote are based on sending one (1) parcel/container to the destination address. Should your order be heavy/bulk (> 30kg) extra fees may apply as consignment will have to be split into multiple boxes, multiplying the freight costs in to us.

International Shipping Caveats/Disclaimers

Any Customs Fees (including taxes, duties and tariffs) owing on arrival in your country are your responsibility, payable prior to delivery (except in the case of Switzerland and Norway when, unfortunately, we have no choice but to charge the £25 Customs Fee up front. Sorry!)

Due to the longer transit times involved and our limited control over the remote partner couriers involved and limited knowledge of local environs and climate we must ask you accept full responsibility for the state in which your products arrive (whether down to extensive Customs delays beyond our control or less efficient/timely postal services available in your country/territory). Please especially take note where our particularly perishable products are concerned (eg. Swolesome Foods bars, Jim Buddy donuts).

All estimate/transit times stated for international parcels are, obviously, Customs dependent. We have NO control over Customs processes and scheduling in your territory and cannot be held responsible for any delays, losses or costs incurred. Orders are placed at your own risk in full acknowledgement of this fact. 

If you have any concerns, please contact us in advance of ordering to get our advice vis-a-vis the products you are looking at purchasing or, with the above in mind, refrain from purchasing our more perishable/climate-sensitive food items if you feel delays and damage are likely (your local knowledge will often be far better than ours).