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Dairy Free

There was once a time when it was near on impossible to come by a dairy free product, especially with snacks like cookies, protein bars and protein powders. Thankfully brands are much more aware of dairy allergy's and you can now get your hands on an amazing selection of dairy free goodies, right here at the mix! 

If it's snacks like dairy free cookies you're looking for then why not check out Lenny & Larry's and Battleoats cookies, all coming in some great tasting flavours. If a high protein dairy free protein bar is more your thing then we highly recommend D's Naturals No Cow Vegan Protein Bars, of course available in some amazing flavours like peanut butter choc chip and fudge brownie.  

Whatever your dairy free needs I'm sure you can find something here at the mix, we've always got our mixers covered!