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The Mission Statement

The Protein Pick and Mix is the one-stop shop, dedicated to bringing you the best and widest possible choice of tasty high-protein snacks and shakes, along with and the latest and greatest in sports nutrition and supplements.

"Yeah, that sounds great...but so what? Everyone says that!!" 

True. But you want to know the best part? The 'USP'? We do our best to offer you every Pick and Mix product we possibly can in convenient single-serving or trial-size formats!

So whether you've been just dying to try that much anticipated, irresistible new product, are after a couple of bars or sachets to throw in the gym-bag or flight carry-on, or even if you just want to mix and match a bunch of different flavours (we're looking at you, Quest Bar!) in a 'mix' bundle that's all your own, then we've got you covered! You can 'Pick and Mix' your favourites or just try something new today!


"Oh, OK, that's pretty cool...but I always buy in bulk. Saves me a few quid and some of these bars and supplements are expensive!"

We'd agree that buying in bulk definitely has its place, but what about convenience? And how do we know we've definitely chosen the best product to meet our tastes, satisfy our cravings or fully support our hard work and training?

With nearly everything in the sports nutrition and supplement industry sold in 'bulk,' it can be nigh-on impossible to be sure you're fully equipped to make up your mind on a product before you have to pull the trigger on a 5lb tub, a 30-day serving, or a whole box of protein bars or flapjacks, and the fact that you often have to shop online (from various faceless warehouses) to get the best prices really doesn't help.

How many times have you invested big on the latest, 'greatest' product, only to tear into the box for your first bite or first serving when it arrives a few days later and...sad face. Dismay. Disappointment. Even worse...with some products we're talking headaches, nausea, bloating, the 'tingles' or nose-holding. Trust us...we've been there enough times ourselves and, even if a product is well recommended by friends, family, trainers and gym-buddies, it doesn't mean it will work well for YOU, or taste good to YOU!

Bulk or not, products can only be good value if you can actually make use of them. Hit The Protein Pick and Mix, try before you 'bulk buy', and save yourselves the gamble!


"Hmm, now that you mention it, yeah...i've have had some bad experiences. Think i've still got a couple of tubs of protein sitting under my sink I can't quite bear to throw out...I just can't quite bear to drink it either! How is THAT 'banana' flavour?!"

Exactly! It can be soul-destroying to find you've spent big on over-hyped, ineffective supplements, boxes of stale-tasting, chalky bars or protein powders you just can't stomach.


"Fair enough, you have me convinced! Thing is...i've been at this a while and i've made my mistakes already. Cost me a bit, but i've found [insert brand name here] and I use their [insert product line here] more or less exclusively...pretty happy with it!" you're going to be a tough-sell, huh? Well, your favourite product, how many flavours does it come in? Have you tried them all? There's often a whole world out there beyond 'chocolate' flavour, you know!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with recognising the results, making the call and sticking with a product, but one of the major, most valuable, most effective facets of a gym or healthy-eating lifestyle - discipline and, particularly, routine - also brings with it one of the biggest downers: boredom. Mundanity. The same foods-stuff, the same supps, the same meal-times and nutritional schedules (the same exercises, the same routines, the same music get the idea!) Embracing routine - lifestyle change - is often a solid path to achieving all your goals both in the gym and out but, wow, can it get tedious. 'Variety is the spice of life,' after-all!

Ever wondered why manufacturers bother offering 'fruit punch', 'rocky road brownie', 'peanut butter crunch' and 'raspberry lemonade'? Why not just 'orange' for pre-workouts and general supps, 'vanilla' for protein powders, and 'milk chocolate' for bars, flapjacks and cookies? Or maybe just natural and unflavoured? Because they know people like variety and subjective choice and, no matter the size, reputation or discipline and dedication of the bodybuilder, a 'pina colada' flavour has the power to bring a smile to anyone's face (little umbrella in it or not!) Yes, the cynical amongst us may say that they're just after more money from the sales of trivial additional variants, but if it means we can get our hands on a 'chocolate peanut butter' whey or a 'caramel walnut' protein brownie? You won't hear any complaints from us!

And don't forget that new products and new brands hit the market ALL the time. Here at The Protein Pick and Mix we consider it our mission to identify the best of the shiny, the tasty and the new and to get them up online in as trial-friendly a format as possible so you guys can take them for a spin!


Welcome to The Protein Pick and Mix - Choice...with more muscle.

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