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Here at The Protein Pick & Mix we LOVE getting new wacky, protein filled goodies in to try and I'm guessing y'all feel exactly the same WHEY!

That's why we've created an awesome 'Mix of the Month' featuring a few of our most recent favourite treats along with some random goodies we've rediscovered or products that just aren't getting the love they deserve!! ?


February's Mix Of The Month

(* Please see individual bundle listings for allergen info)

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So what's featured in this month's Mix?!


Another Mars protein snack has landed in the Mix, joining the M&M's Hi Protein range we have the M&M's Hi Protein Crispy bar! M&M's Peanut?! Completed it, M&M's Chocolate? Done! Now it's M&M's Crispies time to SHINE!

Jam-packed with crispy, crunchy candies, chocolate AND caramel! This guilt-free protein treat is an absolute must try! Coming in 2 tasty bites perfect for your sweet-snacking pleasure!


Grenade's Peanut Butter & Jelly Carb Killa has arrived in the Mix, Rocking a seriously decadent-looking cross section, promising layer upon layer of guilt-free deliciousness sprinkled with nutty nibs, packed with 20g protein sitting at little over 230 calories and less that 2g sugar!! This cheeky little bar is a Peanut Butter & Jelly lovers dream come true!!


Vegan-friendly M:lk® Choc Caramel Bar! It's the real deal! No messing, no madness...just dreamy, creamy Cadbury's-worthy milk chocolate and even better, this Caramel bar is filled with... caramel!! You'd never guess this chocolate bar is entirely dairy free but, folks, they've only gone and done it!


A fully justifiable chocolate candy bar experience with no diet-devastating consequence. From the creamy, low sugar milk chocolate coating to soft, sweet centre and it's gooey toffee topping - not to mention utterly irresistible, texture-tastic crispy, crunchy totally-toffee inclusions - these 'battle' bites are true to their name; ABSOLUTELY worth fighting over!!


A luscious layered bar with blonde low-sugar chocolate with a soft-nougat centre, cream layer AND a caramel layer too! With 18g protein per twin-pack, high protein, low sugar, indulgent layered chocolate and caramel goodness with a sweet vanilla like oreo cremé Crunchy, crispy, soft and creaaamy all at once!!


Step aside classic PB Cups... there's a new cup in town!! Higher protein and lower sugar coated in delicious, creamy milk chocolate... Speculoos Cookie Butter cups from the real 'Cup Connoisseurs' (clearly in more than just name!).


White Chocolate Salty Peanut Bar deliver an impressively super-soft, white chocolate-coated, no added sugar peanut stuffed experience that really makes you ask the question, 'is there protein in this?!' (yes, they're THAT good!)

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