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Energy Drinks

Here in the Mix, you guys know the drill! Whether it's a pre-workout boost you're after or just a little refreshing pick-me up. If you're a caffeine connoisseur and need something that's going to pack a punch or new on the scene but fancy a little buzz of energy then look no further! We always ensure our energy drinks come with the sugar-free and near zero calorie promise. We want the energy not diet devestation!

From the likes of 3D Energy and Monster, the 'sippers' designed in larger super-sippable cans, suitable for all-day energy and focus, or NOCCO the 'No Carbs Company', smaller but more 'effective' in terms of caffeine content. If you're used to the daily caffeine-hit then these are a great pick me-up otherwise a fantastic pre-workout in a whole host of awesome flavours! From Miami (Strawberry) to Caribbean a delicious Tropical Pineapple flavour! 

After something a little more hard hitting?! Try a can of Repp Sports 'Raze' or Cellucor C4, these sweetie themed flavours will kick you in to touch and have you ready for ANYTHING!!