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At last available in the UK, GHOST Lifestyle is, as the name suggests, the very first 'lifestyle' supplement brand; a brand lovingly built - 'for us, by us' - upon the mantra "be seen", offering fans (the 'fam'), via unparalleled behind-the-scenes access and insight, a sense of ownership and belonging hitherto never achieved in sports nutrition.

Crafted with incredible care and attention-to-detail in everything from the ink on the tubs to the ingredients in them, GHOST has arrived at The Protein Pick and Mix to make a statement! With a growing range of powerful, potent supplements - from the uniquely delicious Cereal Milk-inspired flavours of GHOST Whey and GHOST Vegan, to the pre-workout powerhouse that is Legend with it's official & authentic candy-themed flavour systems (Warheads FTW!) and the ridiculously anabolic, advanced creatine muscle builder, Size - the Mixer 'fam' are well catered for! And with the launch of GHOST Vegan, even those following the vegan lifestyle can be part of GHOST Lifestyle!

Never ones to rest easy, 2020 (crazy year though it's been!) has brought GHOST Gamer, marking their no-holds-barred entry to the booming eSports & cognitive support market, GHOST Glow & GHOST Greens fulfilling all your health, wellness and beauty demands, and GHOST Energy, a range of striking, refreshing on-the-go sugarfree energy drinks!!

With bold colours and designs - and even bolder formulas and flavours! - GHOST urges you to rise up...to be counted...to #beseenWe're all ghosts...LEGENDS...this is our time.