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Battle Oats

Battle Oats kicked things off in the Mix with their tasty protein flapjacks, before moving onto their range of fab vegan-friendly cookies and then...their BATTLE BITES! 

Battle Bites are some of our favourite guilt-free protein bars (or 'bites', rather!! You get 2 per pack!!)...taking a pass on the oats that Battle Oats were formerly so famous for, they're indulgent, triple-layered, high protein, low sugar treats, available in some insanely delicious flavours, from Choc Caramel (complete with Fudge Pieces!!) to Birthday Cake (yep...with sprinkles!!) and Red Velvet!! They're WELL worth your attention, folks!

Kevin and Shaun at Battle Oats are just getting started, and we can only expect more from them in this space!