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A (Glazed, Sprinkled) Donut worth a bit of a BATTLE over!

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A (Glazed, Sprinkled) Donut worth a bit of a BATTLE over!

Battle Snacks' insanely appealing-sounding 'Glazed Sprinkled Donut' has arrived! Bakery-fresh, this one's dunked in Caramac-style golden chocolate, filled with jammy goodness, packed with protein and most importantly...⁠ S P R I N K L E D!!

It's been a hot minute since we sampled a early, early version of this bar (nearly 2 years!!) but, with the flashy final product in hand? We can say this one was WELL worth the wait!

⁠This surprising bar is perhaps the first that's ACTUALLY conjured the real essence of the beloved glazed bake promised on the wrapper delivering, for us, the taste (and even something of the texture, given the signature Battle Bites protein crispies crunch!) of, more than anything else, M&S's Yum Yum's!!

Beyond the buttery and sweet nougat protein-y centre, we have a layer of jammy fondant, too, giving you 'just the tip' of your childhood-favourite jammy doughnut! ⁠

⁠But, but, BUT...as if that weren't all mind-blowing enough, the fun doesn't stop there!! Beyond that golden chocolate uncanny 'glazed' Krispy Kreme-like flavour, the fact that this one's rocking those timeless Simpsons-style ring donut confetti-colourful sprinkles similar we loved so much on their Birthday Cake bar, too? This one MAY have just stolen the top spot for Pick & Mix fave!! 

Phew!! Whilst we all try to calm down here, for some stats, Glazed Sprinkled Donut hits that magical 20g protein per bar and matches the same incredibly low - just 3g! - sugar count as the super-tasty White Choc Toasted Marshmallow, and comes in at ONLY 220kcals! Yes...for BOTH bites! So, whilst it might come in 2 pieces, you certainly don't need to share!!

Don't want to miss out? Do-NOT panic, folks! Available in the Mix right now...singles, whole boxes, or in our popular Battle Snacks 'Bite Me' 12x Bar Pick & Mix bundle...choice is yours!

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