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NU are going to love these!! Alani Energy Drinks arrive in the UK and in the Mix

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NU are going to love these!! Alani Energy Drinks arrive in the UK and in the Mix

Stop right there!! Alani Nu Energy Drinks have FINALLY arrived on this side of the Atlantic in all their great-looking, on-the-go energy providing, feel good focusing, awesome!!

We like to consider ourselves caffeine-connoisseurs here in the Mix (read: habitual energy drink junkies) and we like to think we've tried most sugarfree life-savers out there...Monster, 3D Energy (obv), NOCCO, Raze, 'Merica Energy to name just a few of the ones we've got in the Mix alone!! In this much vaunted company, we're pleased and proud to see the insanely refreshing Alani Nu energy drink offerings join the party...and with SO many killer cute, killer flavours? We couldn't be more EXCIIIITED!

So, yep, with flavours a-plenty (8 and counting!!) these lightly carbonated, super-crisp tasting, unique Alani Nutrition cans pack in some seriously sweet and full-bodied flavours, many of which have jumped right across from their famously tasty Pre-Workout flavours! From the coconutty and exotic 'Hawaiian Shaved Ice', zesty orange 'Mimosa'  and Carnival Candy Grape to the latest and greatest addition Cosmic Stardust (this one is INSAAANNEE...Starburst and then some!!)...there's something sensational for everybody here!

Offering 200mg life-fuelling, workout-crushing caffeine per can alongside Ginseng, L-Carnitine and even a touch of Biotin to help with that glow, each 355ml can delivers delicious improved performance and a healthy boost all at once!⁠ They're even vegan-friendly and gluten free!!

Alani Nu Energy drinks are in the Mix now - in all 8 craveable flavours!! - so why not grab yourself a can or, even better, 3 because, for the next 48 hours (until midnight 14/02/2020) we're delighted to be able to offer you a *BUY 3 get 1 FREE* special launch offer!!

Whether it's a mixed case you're after ('pick' for 9!!!) you're after or just a few to try...get your (Alani) Energy fix in the Mix!!⁠ .

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