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Naturally addictive! Tasty, fun and Free-From....Spudsy Sweet Potato Puffs arrive in the UK!

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Naturally addictive! Tasty, fun and Free-From....Spudsy Sweet Potato Puffs arrive in the UK!

It's official!! There's a new addiction sweeping through Team Pick&Mix...the utterly unexpected Spudsy Sweet Potato Puffs!! Forget popcorn...keep your chips, crisps and crunchers...trust us, puffs are where it's at, folks!

Light but crispy, crunchy and hugely satisfying, these generous bags of fun, all natural puffed snacks have got to be the first sweet potato based snacks of their kind (if not? How have we missed this for so long!! They're AWESOME!) and did we mention they're flavoured, too?!

Yep, a truly Banging' Bar-B-Q, a classic, cheesy Wotsit-style Cheesy Cheddar [insert Cartman 'I Love Cheesy Poofs' gag here!!] and the absolutely game-changing Curiously Cinnamon-style Crunchy Cinnamon...all are outstanding and succeed in making these Spudsy Foods creations true 'snack crack'!

Just how addictive are these? Well, put it this way...we would be AMAZED if, hefty those these 112g bags are, you manage to pace yourself to the 4 servings in each!! Not. a. chance.

Sweet potato fries & wedges are now, clearly, not the peak of sweet potato enjoyment...these versatile spuds not only rock as vegetable chips (a fave of my own this time of year!) but PUFFS, too!! An awesome source of carbs (not only a great choice of side at Nandos but a universal 'BroScience' staple!) and just a hint of the 'superfood' about them.

And the health creds are only emphasised as the sweet potato base is boosted with plant-based protein (yep...these are Vegan Friendly!) alongside the natural flavours, getting you a solid 16g protein per bag! AND Gluten Free, too!

End of the day, puffs or otherwise, these snacks pack a punch and are some of the most damn irresistible light bites we've had in a LONG time!! Cinnamon FTW!

Check out 'Spudsy-U-Like' soon!! This cute new brand will 'puff' you away!

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