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All that glitters is... GOLD! Pina Colada 3D Energy is served!

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All that glitters is... GOLD! Pina Colada 3D Energy is served!

G O L D! Always believe in your soul!! Orrrr always believe in...caffeine?! Let's face it...caffeine is ALWAYS the answer! And this one's solid GOLD! Yep, 3D Energy GOLD has landed in the Mix

⁠Gold 3D Energy promises smooth, cocktail-inspired Pina Colada flavour and whilst we might be heading towards winter we could all use some tasty tropical vibes about now! And, anyways, apparently there's a thing about drinking piña coladas and get caught in the rain?!

So what's the vibe here? Subtly fizzy with chill tropical pineapple vibes, complimented by this kiss of exotic Coconut ..it's a classic combo faithful recreated in the inimitably crisp and refreshing 3D way. Think Lilt or Ting... perfectly balanced - sweet 'n fruity - juuuuuust how we like our Pina Coladas! Plus that life giving 200mg caffeine boost!

⁠It feels like yesterday (pretty much was!) we were yelling about the latest flavour drop from Christian Guzman's epic 3D Energy Drinks and, whilst the 3 that only just landed were seemingly YEARS in the making, this glitzy NEW flavour has been but a few weeks hitting these shores!

3D Energy Gold sound like a little ray of sunshine on a cloudy day to you?! Us too! Head over to The Protein Pick and Mix and 'pick'-up a 12x can Mix in our 'Keepin' it Real' 3D Energy Bundle today!⁠

Plus, let's face it...you might not have had a chance to pick up Liberty Pop, Silver OR Pink yet (where have you been?!) so that in mind and with a powerful 10 flavours (!!) to choose from...you can be *sure* there'll be a flavour to suit!⁠

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