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An EFECTIV 'Whey' to satisfy those Seasonal Spiced Cravings!

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An EFECTIV 'Whey' to satisfy those Seasonal Spiced Cravings!

Wheeeey-ting patiently for December 2nd liiiiike....⁠

⁠All around the world this year we don't seem to have been able to catch much of break, one (desirable) thing we CAN catch? The Gingerbread Man! And whilst this weekend may have been a bit of a grey, drab drag under the new rules, don't worry, we can at least offer yet MORE new seasonally-themed gainz-supporting goodies to distract during this not-so-merry month! 

Perhaps a little unexpected, a favourite of ours here in the Mix around this time of year - we bring it back as often as we can! - is Efectiv's Gingerbread Whey Protein and, sure enough, it's baaack for 2020, adding another sweet, spiced, fun festive flavour to our Holiday lineup across the store!!

And... gingerbread? I mean, come on, whether we're talking snacks, spreads or shakes, when is gingerbread not the one?! (More gingerbread goodies are on the way too!!)
The guys over at Efectiv Nutrition have done an awesome job on this *limited edition* one as they do every year and, to be fair to them, that's saying something as there's a reason not too many brands attempt it; it's tricky to get right!! Efectiv's, though? It's always offered that extra little seasonal somethin' and, whilst subtly reformulated flavour-wise for this year, don't worry, it's still packing that 'lil bit of Christmas magic!!⁠

A well-balanced blend of whey concentrate, isolate and milk protein which not only gives us a admirable nutritional profile (over 20g protein a serving @ just 115kcals) but, most importantly, a luxurious, creamy milkshake texture, which elegantly softens and rounds-out the spice of the signature sweet gingerbread flavour!

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