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Birthday Cake bars, butters, cookies and now... SQUARES?!

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Birthday Cake bars, butters, cookies and now... SQUARES?!, yeah. ANOTHER Birthday Cake-inspired arrival in the Mix...and just when we thought _donut_ flavour, sprinkled or otherwise, was the current big thing, you know?! Birthday Cake... pfft... so 2017/18! #yawn

Weeeell... I, for one, am not ready to give up on the Birthday Cake trend (which i'm sure you can forgive me for...I mean, SUPER sweet pink/white snacks and shakes?! The odd sPrinKle? Doesn't get much more 'on brand' for our candy-striped Pick 'n Mix (protein) sweet shop over here!), and something being a bit of a throwback? Totally fine by me (especially in this case!!)

In their latest (and, for me, definitely GREATEST) flavour, Applied Nutrition have proved once again that they're not just great for supps but for snacks, too! And their brand new Birthday Cake Indulgence Bar (well...square) doesn't just take us back to 2017...nope! It takes us waaaaaay back to the Victorian era (bear with me) by tasting *exactly* like...Custard Cream biscuits!!

True story, and sprinkled though this guilt-free, low sugar, veggie-friendly, 199kcal, protein-packed snack may look, it's crammed with classic (butter)creamy McVitie's awesomeness, eschewing the fruity-notes we've (to be fair) enjoyed in recent Birthday Cake bonanzas in favour of timeless custardiness, which marries PERFECTLY with the addictive, biscuitty crunchiness and trademark sweetness of these unique bars.

And, yes, these are IDEAL for dunking!!

So, we've had Birthday bars, bites, butters, cookies and cakes...dammit, it was about time someone did a Birthday square, indulgently white-chocolate layered, sprinkled, just a touch pink and all... huzzah, Applied Nutrition! As pleasantly surprisingly as the rest of the Indulgence Bar range, this one's totally worth a handshake!!

Let's get the (tea) party started!

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