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Think you've tried everything?! Nope! Applied Nutrition's millionaire-style bites are a MUST try!

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Think you've tried everything?! Nope! Applied Nutrition's millionaire-style bites are a MUST try!

Now these are REALLY dangerous, folks!! Consider yourself warned!! :D

UK guys, Applied Nutrition, are better know for...well...pretty much EVERYTHING except bars; you name it...in sports nutrition? They pretty much do it!! Pre-workouts, flavour drops, porridge pots, vitamins, vegan proteins, energy gels...the works. But no bars. :(

Whilst we've never been in a position to make too much of a fuss of anything else they do, damn, are we about ready to make up for that on the incredible and, honestly, DANGEROUSLY delicious Protein Indulgence range!!

These were introduced to us as 'high protein low sugar bars' and, whilst they are just that, that is to do them a huge disservice! What they ACTUALLY are? Beloved Thorntons Caramel Shortcake Squares (!!) made *protein-packed* and *guilt-free*!!

I can't begin to describe how amazed we all were here when, after tentatively tearing into one of these quite unassuming, beige packs, we were greeted with the rich, intoxicating aroma of caramel, and the first glimpse of this too-good-to-be-true, triple-layer beauty!

...milk chocolate, atop a GENEROUS (and amazingly low sugar!!) fudgy caramel layer, atop a chunky, satisfying, cRiSpY-crunchy chocolate base (which has also been infused with authentic, natural hazelnut flavour in the Hazelnut version of the bar, too!)...unrivalled indulgence, a perfect mix of textures, and the very first time we've ever had the pleasure of taste-testing a 'protein bar' in this format (new thingz! Yay!!)

Applied Nutrition ...where have you BEEN all our lives! These Protein Indulgence bars - available in 2 flavours to start, Caramel and Hazelnut Caramel - are something else, and that's without even factoring in less than 2g sugar a bar and the 15g protein (points for a veggie-friendly bar, too!)

After selling out over Pink Friday, we're reloaded now! Trust us...try these, folks!! They're a sweet sensation!

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