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Enjoy a Jaffa? Always after an After Eight? Applied's new pair of plant-based Indulgence Bars are for you!

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Enjoy a Jaffa? Always after an After Eight? Applied's new pair of plant-based Indulgence Bars are for you!

As you guys know, it's always important to walk before you can run - nail the execution by 'applying' the fundamentals, if you will - and Applied Nutrition did just that with the similarly vegan-friendly Belgian Dark Choc progenitor of the two delicious, elegantly-flavoured, biscuitty Protein Indulgence bars before you now...Belgian Chocolate Mint and, our new favourite, Belgian Chocolate Orange!

This new plant-based pair really do take Applied Nutrition Indulgence Squares to a whole new level...especially as far as vegan snacks are concerned!

Why? Well...maybe it's down to the richness and sophistication of the real Belgian Choc on these (it really is a 'taste the difference' kinda situation here with the cacao-like intensity of the dark choc!) or the unmistakable aromas and robust, authentic flavour delivered by the natural orange and mint infusions at play but, without being told, we really think you'd have to try very, *very* hard to discern these were vegan!!

This is pretty significant - and very cool - folks! It's certainly fair to say that dairy-free protein snacks have come a long way in recent years but, if we're being honest, whilst they can still be very tasty and enjoyable, it's difficult to miss a certain...savoury signature. This, sadly, spoils enjoyment for some but... yep, don't see that being a problem at all here!! :)

Both new bars land at a very reasonable 220kcals and, whilst a little light on protein at just 15g, arrive with that signature, impressive amount of triple-layer 'indulgence'; thiccc choc-infused crunchy, crispy base and that dark choc topping sandwiching a generous, fondant layer packed with classic-combo (Mint + Choc and an EXCEPTIONAL Orange + Choc) flavour.

Those foil-wrapped festive biscuit selection faves have got nothing on these! Much, much better 'gainz ratio'!! :D

Dunkable, delicious and (unbelievably) dairy-free, all 3 vegan-friendly Applied Indulgence bars are available in the Mix now, alongside their Milk and White Choc-coated (not vegan-friendly but certainly veggie-friendly) siblings....and all in our popular Applied Nutrition 'Indulgence. Fair and SQUARE' Bundle mixed box!

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