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Back by popular demand! (Killa) Christmas countdown starts NOW!

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Back by popular demand! (Killa) Christmas countdown starts NOW!

As the nights draw in and the leaves begin to fall...Gingy and his crew begin their prep (and we're not talking 'kinis and trunks) for that busiest time of year and, for us in Mix, it's time for us to stockpile the gingerbread treats!

Merry...September, folks!! It may still be a fair few days 'til Xmas, but Grenade's triple-layered dunked, drizzled, 'sweet 'n spiced and all things nice' Gingerbread Carb Killa is BACK - now! - with a BOOM!

If you remember this limited edition one from last year then get ready for everything you loved AND MORE! 

Starting with all those classic, irresistible Carb Killa vibes, from the chocolate coating to the 20g protein and mere 2g sugar per bar, this tinsel-tinged treat is infused with a rich, distinctive gingerbread flavoured caramel fondant and a now extra soft and extra crispy core! if you were impressed by previous incarnations, this 2021 drizzled delight somehow pulls off a Christmas miracle levelling-up and it packs one potent sweet-ginger punch!!

If you didn't manage to snag one back in 2020 then you best not wait until the night before Christmas... catch it whilst ya can, folks! You can bet we're going to get our hands on as many of these biscuitty badboys as we can but these bars never linger long!⁠

Available, as usual, in our Grenade 'Fully Loaded' 12x pack Carb Killa bundle or just 'pick' as a seasonal-single! Yep, courtesy of Grenade Christmas is comin' early and... it tastes ho-ho-hot!!

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