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Back for the last time... Hognuts Limited Edition Christmas Pudding Blend is now available!

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Back for the last time... Hognuts Limited Edition Christmas Pudding Blend is now available!

You can't say 'Hognuts' without with the word (or should that be onomatopoeia) 'Ho' - as in 'Ho, Ho, Ho!' - and Christmas just ain't Christmas without a Hognuts Christmas Pudding blend!!

Was ever and thus in the Mix - right from our earliest beginnings! - and, despite things being decidedly (and obviously disappointingly!) quiet on the Hognuts front over the last 6 months, there was NO way we were going to go a year without this sweetly-spiced, sensational, seasonal signature blend!!! No way, no how, folks!

...and so it came to pass that, Friday last, a fresh (and, sadly, quite possibly final!) Hognuts Butters delivery arrived in the Mix with that Christmassy cargo we've all been craving and we MUST have been good this year as...it's a BLOCKBUSTER!

Rocking glorious, shiny, red, gold and green labels, these generous 500g tubs are PACKED with peanuts (obviously!!), sultanas, cherries, almonds...not to mention ginger, cinnamon and spice with swirls of white choc (!!), a zesty sprinkling of dried orange peel and even a bit of 'YO, ho, ho' with the tiiiiniest hint of rum flavour!!!

Authentic and awesome, this criminally LIMITED EDITION special faithfully translates perhaps the most ubiquitous and traditionally loved of all festive foodie favourites! It's chunky, spreadable, rich and decadent - not to mention high protein and low sugar!! - and is just begging to be spooned, swirled and spread!!

When these are gone, they're really gone, folks! And, giftable those these are, if you're getting one for a friend or family member? PLEASE make sure to get one for yourself, too! You really don't want to miss out on this one!! ;-)

Forget M&S, forget Waitrose...move over Heston, HOGNUTS is in the house!

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