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Love PB? Love Pick 'n Mix Bananas?! You 'Walnut' believe how tasty the latest OUTRIGHT bar is!

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Love PB? Love Pick 'n Mix Bananas?! You 'Walnut' believe how tasty the latest OUTRIGHT bar is!

Brace yourselves, folks...BOLD statement coming up; the new Banana Walnut Peanut Butter Outright Bar might just be my all-time favourite Protein Pick & Mix protein snack!! Yep...I said it!!

Haha, OK, to be more specific, Marc Lobliner's latest OUTRIGHT bar might be *spiritually* my all time fave Protein Pick & Mix snack...why? What deserves so grand a claim?

Taking it waaaay back, i've always had a crazy love of Pick 'n Mix (in the traditional candy sense) and my absolute fave Pick 'n Mix sweetie staple? Foam Bananas! Foam Shrimps? Yeah, sure...they scratch an itch. But bananas are definitely where it's at.

Fast-forward some 20 years to the opening of The Protein Pick and Mix. Entering into the equation in a big way? PROTEIN (duh!) And, more than that, protein *married to* sweet-treats (and, of course, a certain freedom of choice!)

What the HELL am I going on about? ... Banana Walnut Outright Bar tastes EXACTLY like Pick 'n Mix Foam Bananas (the softest, freshest ones going!) and, in all its natural, real-food, gluten-free epicness, it's packed with all-important protein (AND peanut butter AND crunchy walnuts..I mean, it's not even FAIR on other bars!)

Great White Buffalo...Holy Grail...call it what you will, but this OUTRIGHT delicious bar is my perfect Protein/Pick 'n Mix mashup and every bit as amazing as Marc promised me it was, CRAMMED with bold natural flavour, honey sweetness, peanut butter creaminess, crunchy walnuts and banana chips...it even has its Outright siblings beat by hitting a full 18g (MTS Whey-bolstered) protein - that's 3g+ per bar over the others!

Banana Walnut has arrived with a full MTS Nutrition & Outright reload in the Mix..Butterscotch PB, Choc Chip Almond Butter...all the faves! Sorry for the wait, folks..these unique, fresh-baked bars just shoot out the Mix SO fast!!

If you, like me, go 'bananas' for foam bananas? You NEED to try this one!

And, Marc? I'm expecting BIG things from the new S'Mores flavour, buddy!!

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