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Barebells are here to spread some plant-based lovin’ with their Vegan Protein Bars!!

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Barebells are here to spread some plant-based lovin’ with their Vegan Protein Bars!!

With flavours galore and different formats a-plenty here in the UK (and even more across the continent!)...it's obvious something was missing and, yep, it looks like it's finally time for Barebells to show us all a ‘lil plant-based lovin’! In the familiar favourite flavours - Salty Peanut & Hazelnut Nougat - Barebells VEGAN Protein Bars are here!

Whether following a plant-based diet or not, Barbells are clearly on a mission to let all of us know VEGAINZ can be truly tasty too, their first dairy-free bars containing 15g of plant-based protein with no added sugar yet still luxuriously layered, truffle-y and with nutty nibs a-plenty!⁠ 

First up? A Toffee Crisp-like Salty Peanut, following faithfully in the footsteps of its older, dairy-Barebells sibling, stealing our peanut loving hearts! Studded and stuffed with real roasted peanut nibs, this (non-)milk chocolate coated bar impressed right away with a crumbly, satisfying sweet nougat centre delivering some real candy-bar charm! ⁠

Last but *definitely* not least, the Hazelnut Nougat!! This bar, as per its regular formula brother, promises alllll of the utterly, nutterly nutella-y mayhem and - quite amazingly - there's no sensation-sacrifice sans dairy!! No corners cut! In fact, this one may actually BEAT the OG bar in terms of Ferrero-like charm! The same soft, super nutty, caramel-y delight that landed back with us in 2019 but now reformulated and - we think - PERFECTED, praline-style, for our plant-based Mixers!

Honestly…HOW do they do it?!

Classic flavours, awesome nutritionals, truly irresistible and now PLANT-BASED too! Get ready for the same awesome choc-tastic Barebells setup but with a striking new look & 100% vegan-friendly!

Oh and they’ve landed in our ‘Barebells Brigade Bundle’ too so pick up a few of these tasty treats (vegan or otherwise) in our 12-bar Pick & Mix bundle today!!

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