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Beat the Monday blue's with Mountain Joe's Birthday Protein Cake!

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Beat the Monday blue's with Mountain Joe's Birthday Protein Cake!

Another new snack to add to the Mix! Mountain Joe's Birthday Protein Cake bars have landed in the Mix!

It MUST be our Birthday?! Nope - but it CAN be, right now, with these awesome sprinkle-studded, jammy-fondant-filled, white chocolate dunked Birthday Cake protein treats!

Another fresh from the bakery bar from the Mountain Joe's 'bakery with benefits'...following hot on the heels the Chocolate Peanut Brownie we have a sweet shortbread-like buttery based delight topped with a Jammy Dodger-flavoured fruity fondant giving us a perfectly sweet and extremely satisfying faithfully celebration-cakey 'Birthday Cake' bar!

⁠...colourful sprinkles, traditional royal-iced vanilla sponge, that Victoria Cake jam layer; nothing says 'childhood memories' quite like one of these!!⁠

And in lower sugar, higher protein, convenient grab-and-go format? Now we can PARTY like it's everyone's birthday. Every. Day!

Hey MJ....don't stop till ya get enough! (and we hope that's never!!) Keep the bakes rollin' because cakes, Birthday or otherwise, keep the good times comin' and we always want MORE! ?⁠ ( <--- That's a hint, guys!! Mountain Joe's aren't quite done with cakes yet!! ?)⁠

⁠Pick up a single Birthday Protein Cake at The Protein Pick and Mix now OR take the party to the next level and celebrate with The Mountain Joe's 'Mountain Range' Mix! The more the merrier when it comes to celebrations, riiiiiight?!

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