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Best macros around?! NEW Power of Me Bars land in the Mix!

Posted on 20th Aug 2018

Best macros around?! NEW Power of Me Bars land in the Mix!

Happy Monday, folks!! Our march to list to every (awesome) protein snack continues over here and, after a spate of listing some new - especially YUMMY - supps & shakes, we're back on what we do best!!

We've got something especially new and exciting for you tomorrow (candy gods willing!) but, for now, we thought we'd play a little Monday evening catch-up by introducing you properly to a great range of deliciously guilt-free bars we've recently brought into the Mix...none other than The Power of Me Bars!

We'd be lying if we said the first thing that attracted us to these wasn't THAT branding (a pretty rock 'n roll take on tigers, wolves...metallic, striking and INTENSE!) But when some of our trustworthy regular Mixers reported that they were the real deal...well, we had to get 'em in!

With 3 flavours up for grabs to start, there's definitely something for everyone here...they've wisely ticked off a few of the classic combos right out the gate. Dark Choc Mint (After Eight!), Dark Choc Orange (elegant Jaffa!) and Milk Choc Peanut (Choc PB? Nuff said!)

Format-wise, imagine a less fussy Grenade bar...chocolate enveloping a protein core (soft yet with some 'bite' and the merest hint of's there...just the tip!) Nothing too glamorous like caramel in sight and only a 45g bar but...BUT....before you look away, take a glance at the nutritional labels on the bad boys! about, 22g protein (in a 45g bar, remember!) and ONLY 160kcals!!! Less than 1g sugar across the board, too! Wow. I'm sure we don't have to tell you, folks, that market-leading! Yep...gram for gram NO snack we have delivers the all-important protons like these bars do! AND, inauspicious though they made be, we're damned if they don't taste pretty bloody good too!

...AND they're a great price!!

A solid addition to the gym bag or snack drawer, The Power of Me Bars are in the Mix now, AND in our new 'You got The Power (of ME!) bundle!

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