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Boost mode... ON! Boost+ Protein Bar available now!

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Boost mode... ON! Boost+ Protein Bar available now!

BOOST mode, on!!

Haha...sorry, couldn't resist launching in with that line!! Yep, as if you couldn't see it coming, Cadbury's have jumped on the protein bandwagon and, to be fair, it's a pretty storming start! What else to 'boost' with extra protein than...a Boost!! Marks for thinking outside the box? -100. Marks for delivering a beloved classic chocolate bar, as awesome as ever, with a solid hit of extra protein? +35452023

So, new Cadbury's Boost+ Protein bar...what are we talking? Every part of a Boost you know and love is present and correct...inimitable Cadbury's milk choc, gooey caramel ringing a fudgy chocolate core, crunchy biscuit. Ooooohhh, yeah. It's all there, folks, and damn...I'd forgotten just how good a Boost bar is!

Of course, at just 49g it pretty much feels like a funsize bar (I mean, I know i've grown a fair bit since I used to scoff these daily, but unless I was actually Smurf-sized when I was younger? These bars have been seriously downsized...damn you, obesity crisis!!) but it's lost none of its potent deliciousness, that for sure!

Just how much protein is in here? 12g. Impressive? Meh...not really but, then again, this IS only a 50g bar and, oh yeah, it's a CHOCOLATE BAR! 12g protein puts this new Boost'd beauty at nearly 5x the protein of a regular Boost and, hand-in-hand with this, the carbs and sugars have gone on a bit of a (welcome) diet!! Yep...1/3 less sugar in here, and you REALLY don't miss it!

How have they pulled this off? Far as we can tell, the biscuit chunks out...whey protein crisps in. Same difference far as we're concerned (kudos Cadbury's for going with whey!)

This was a launch that I think everyone could have predicted. First Mars, then Nestle...Cadbury's HAD to get involved! And, of course, so did we!

A very worthy, fun addition to the Mix...the 250kcal (but slightly more guilt-free on it!!) Boost+ bar is available, whilst stocks last, now!!

Keep 'em coming, Cadbury!!

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