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Bread, Brownie, Pizza and Pastry are back on the menu with Lo-Dough!

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Bread, Brownie, Pizza and Pastry are back on the menu with Lo-Dough!

With all the sweat and struggle over beach bodies and competition physiques this time of year, certain foods and faves all too often have to be sacrificed. :(

Oh, sure...choccy bars, crisps and cookies? Plenty of tasty protein-packed, low sugar, justifiable options can be found in the Mix and elsewhere. Diet soft drinks? Ditto. Syrups & sauces? Yup...fair few of those too, calorie-free and all. But...bread? Pizza?! Gooey and gorgeous brownies?!! Super low calorie, low carb, low fat and (always great to further nudge up the justifiability-factor) high protein options are VERY few and far between.

...until Lo-Dough came along, that is!!

With a mission to reinvent bread (and not just bread... wraps, pastry, pizza bases and pie crusts and loads more!! Check out the guys' website for TONNES of tips & recipe ideas!!) these homegrown heroes created 'Lo-Dough', a fun and amazingly flexible product, suitable not only for those cutting and slimming but for keto folks, diabetics and coeliacs, too!

Yep, these wonder wraps (2x 9" wraps to a pack) are an incredibly modest 39kcals each, high fibre, low carb, fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free (especially cool to find something both gluten-free AND low carb! In the bread/baking world, gluten-free sadly usually means the exact opposite!) and can be formed, folded, fried, baked or toasted into just about any formerly high carb creation you can imagine. Bread is back on the menu!!

But, wait!! The magic doesn't stop with their 'dough'! Savoury is all well and good but, here in the Mix, you know we're more about our sweet-treats and the latest launch from the team of guilt-free wizards? Brownie Mix!!

Low carb, low fat, gluten free, high protein and all that good stuff, each pack of brownie mix makes a generous batch of rich, chocolatey, fudgy and authentic brownies (complete with real chocolate chunks!!); just mix with water and...bake! That quick. That easy. Haha...which is a good thing as at just 65kcal a brownie?! You're going to want to dive into more in no time! ;-)

...aaaanndd, that's a 'wrap', folks!!! Lo-Dough are back in the Mix now, ready to fuel your guilt-free culinary capers!

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