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#BrowniesWithBenefits? Brownie meets rich, fudge truffle in Fulfil's new Chocolate Brownie bar

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#BrowniesWithBenefits? Brownie meets rich, fudge truffle in Fulfil's new Chocolate Brownie bar

LOADS of new launches right now and Fulfil could hardly be expected to miss out on some early-Autumnal new flavour fun...this in mind, please join us in welcoming Fulfil's 'Chocolate Brownie' bar to the Mix!!

Having launched on their Irish home-turf over a month ago, we've been hopping up and down, stamping our feet waiting for this one to make it over...why such rabid interest, you ask? Well, forgetting all that good Fulfil Nutrition #BarsWithBenefits jazz, the BULK of our excitement relates to the fact that the last three Fulfil Nutrition flavours have been...unreal!! Particularly Choc Salted Caramel (which has, on and off, been the No.1 bestselling bar in the Mix this year...and there's some _stiff_ competition for that title over here, as you might imagine!!)

But 'Chocolate Brownie', though?

Yes, OK, not the *most* rampantly exciting flavour going but...execute a indulgent baked classic *well*? As Hollywood, Berry or anyone will tell you...this can be damn near impossible to beat!! Have Fulfil managed it? ... nearly. :D

Don't get me wrong, this is a TASTY protein bar and absolutely worthy of the Fulfil family...they've just diverged a tad from the devastatingly effective formula we've gotten used to in Hazelnut Whip & Chocolate Salted Caramel, is all. This newbie is slimmer, denser, richer and...

...hang on a sec...

...ALOT more brownie like!! *penny drops*

Haha...yes, i'm hamming it up a bit, but all this is to say that this bar, whilst rocking the same awesome low sugar, high protein macros and virtuous vitamins, is not quite the same setup as those of Fulfil's launched in the recent past...but, damn, does it ever pull off the brownie boast!!

Baked brownie-meets-truffle centre (complete with impressively rich, dark choc fondant layer!), real chunky choc chips and all wrapped up in a sweet, smooth milk chocolate coating....satisfying, lip-smacking and just a little bit...different (in a good way!!)

For just 200kcal, 2g sugar, 15g carbs & 20g protein...yeah, for our money, this new one's definitely worth a handshake! ;-)

Give new Chocolate Brownie a try in our 'Fully Fulfil'd' Fulfil Nutrition Pick&Mix bundle today!

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