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Cater to those Christmassy Cookie Cravings with Peppermint Chocolate Lenny & Larry's!

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Cater to those Christmassy Cookie Cravings with Peppermint Chocolate Lenny & Larry's!

We hear you...Christmas stuff already?! Yep, we know...we've only *just* starting raving about pumpkin goodies, yet here we are!! The festive flavours are coming!!⁠ It's not quite 'Happy Holidays' as yet - who knows WHERE we are against the backdrop of this crazy year, to be honest!

⁠This in mind, the makers of the world's favourite protein-packed cookies have delivered once again; first, with their long-running, much loved Pumpkin Spice (a fresh-baked batch of which arrived in the Mix just a few short weeks ago!) and now, second in their line-up of new 'Holiday Recipe' seasonal flavours (look out for another arriving soon!), Lenny & Larry's bring us the *Limited Edition* Peppermint Chocolate Complete Cookie!

⁠Get ready!! We have a double chocolate cookie base meeting sweet mint flavour courtesy of white chocolate peppermint-cream style chips (...because when "'tis the season to be jolly" simple chocolate chips just will NOT do!!) and, with that, the party's barely getting started...it's topped and infused with striking seasonal red sprinkles too!⁠

As generously-sized, plant-based, protein-packed and all-natural as ever⁠, this 'lil Candy Cane inspired gem ⁠might present a bit of a 'marmite' flavour combo to some buuuut, if you're a bit 'pepper-mintal' like some of us over here are, trust us when we say you'll be here for it!

⁠Like a cuter, sweeter version of the Choc-o-Mint Lenny's Cookie this seasonal special offers a very welcome splash of candy-inspired, chocolate-infused colour and gets the Pick & Mix nod of approval!! Peppermint Choc? Welcome to the L&L's family, the Mix and, of course, our 'Baked is Better' Pick&Mix bundle!!

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