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Cellucor C4 Original Zero Sugar Energy Drinks arrive with a BOOM!

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Cellucor C4 Original Zero Sugar Energy Drinks arrive with a BOOM!


Exploding into the Mix this week...brand new Cellucor C4 Zero Sugar Energy Drinks!!

Sweet, super-charged and sparkling, these hazard-coloured C4 drinks look great and taste even better (Cellucor ALWAYS nail their flavours!), delivering all the legendary performance boosting effects of C4 Original (AKA. the World's most popular pre-workout!) but in a convenient grab-and-go can.

Are we just talking caffeine here? Hell no! Each refreshing flavour offers not only a hefty 200mg caffeine (that's Monster-beating, folks!!) but generous amounts of Beta-Alanine (there's your endurance!), Citrulline Malate (there's your pump!), Betaine (hydration is key!) and L-Tyrosine (clarity and focus).

Haha...OK, yadda, yadda, right? Whatever the specific ingredients, you know we can trust Cellucor to deliver. Suffice it to say, when you suck down a nice, chilled one of these badboys? You're going to know about it!! And we're not just talking about the tingling lips (thanks, Beta-Alanine!!)

On the pitch, in the gym, at your desk (if you think your keyboard can handle the rush!!)...these great-tasting C4 drinks are going to deliver energy you can really feel! AND they're zero sugar, zero carb and zero calorie, too!!

With 4 flavours up for grabs - from the classic, Frozen Bombsicle (one of the bluest drinks we've ever drunk!!) to Twisted Limeade and Tropical Blast - there's a C4 for everyone here! And we were pleasantly surprised by how tasteful Cellucor have been with the amount of carbonation and level of sweetness, too (unlike the energy formula inside, drinking these won't actually blow your head off with bubbles or sweetness!! That's got to be a win!)

First stock of Cellucor C4 Original Zero Sugar drinks are in the Mix now!! Single cans or, if you dare, whole 12-pack cases!!

Best consumed with caution. And served chilled! ;-)

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