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Cherry Bakewell is the latest baked classic to inspire a healthy, hearty MyMuscleMug (Pr)Oat Mix

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Cherry Bakewell is the latest baked classic to inspire a healthy, hearty MyMuscleMug (Pr)Oat Mix

Sooo...bread week on BakeOff? Yawn. Never a fave of ours. But it's OK!! Why live vicariously when you can so easily do better at home and...packed with protein, too!

Launched Sept 1st (crazy we're only now getting round to introducing it properly...been WAY too many exciting new things hitting the Mix...and, scary thing is, we're nowhere near done yet!!) the latest launch from MyMuscleMug is a Bake Off classic (and a particular fave of ours!!) - Cherry Bakewell!!

A typically authentic, low sugar, low fat, dessert-themed flavour, the sweet & satisfying Cherry Bakewell Oat Mix is crammed with real cherry, sliced almond and, of course, hearty oats...all hand-mixed and packed with much love by Em and the MyMuscleMug team

Already in delicious company - we've been enjoying Speculoos, Apple Crumble & Custard (another fave of ours!! Gotta love apple/cinnamon combo!!), Banoffee and Jaffa oats for a while! - Cherry Bakewell *really* steps up in terms of the fruity flavour punch, and those cherries hit you from the moment you tear open the pack. And the sliced almonds? They blend beautifully with the creamy oats adding just a hint of texture and delivering on that marzipan-esque flavour promise.

Of course, low sugar, high protein and great flavours aren't the only cool things about these...you can't beat them for convenience or as a base for your own creative creations!!

Want to savour this snack as a bowl (or, of course, a mug is fine!!) of hot, steamy oats? Just add the mix to boiling water!! Done. Want to enjoy cold? 'Overnight oats' them in the fridge!! Hell...you can even BAKE 'em!

The most fun comes if you want to kick up the indulgence, though! Keep it classic & try stirring in some jam! Ooooh...or calorie-free syrup!! In fact, keeping up the guilt-free, low sugar creds, Skinny Food Co do an awesome Cherry Bakewell #NotGuilty Syrup that would make an insaaaaane companion to your next Bakewell 'Mug!

All 5 flavours of MyMuscleMug Protein Oat Mix are available, alongside Em's famous low carb Mug Cake Mixes, in our 'My Muscle Mug Mix'now!

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