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Chunky and Crunchy, Cookies & Cream OUTRIGHT now available!

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Chunky and Crunchy, Cookies & Cream OUTRIGHT now available!

Sitting waiting, wishing...IT'S HERE Another in the line-up of the #1 peanut butter lovers bars you say?! Another OUTRIGHT delicious bar joining the revolutionary squad of REAL wholefood peanut-butter based bars?! YES and YAAAASSS...the future G.O.A.T Cookies & Cream Peanut Butter OUTRIGHT Bar has landed!!

Peanut Butter + Cookies...is there a better combo?! Nope!! Amirite? Even better, a bar made only from friendly, wholesome ingredients (= no prebiotic fibre discomfort!)... Outright Bar is and should be considered as life changing, YES!

Real smashed-up cookie bits meet sandwich cookie vanilla-cremé style chips and chunks, all holding their own against the trademark, seriously soft, melt-in-the-mouth peanut butter OUTRIGHT PB base, swirled through with good ole' honey; it's love at first bite with creamy, rich, bold flavours meeting that classic Oreo-style cocoa crunch we all know and love...it's EVERYTHING Cookies & Cream SHOULD be!

Of all the unique #OUTRIGHTbars and irresistible flavours Marc Lobliner has been machine-gunning at us of late (does the guy ever sleep?!), without a doubt Cookies & Cream is one that will prove to be a surefire hit with ALL, irrespective of the bar's high protein creds or workout-fuelling features...friends or family, 'fitfam' or otherwise

...it's a OUTRIGHT masterpiece

And to think, this is following the arrival of sweet-sensation Toffee PB and the #gamechanging Vegan pair of Outright bars at the beginning of the week! In fact? Right now...we also have the cute *limited edition* Peppermint Cookies & Cream PB in the Mix too!!

Scary thing though, folks? Marc is showing no signs of slowing down!! OUTRIGHT Crisp bars and even nutbutter-free sunflower seed bars are on the horizon!⁠

All we know? OUTRIGHT They're shipping out in orders just as fast as we can get them in!

The future's bright. The future's OUTRIGHT!

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