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CNP 'Plant' their creative, vegan-friendly Cake Slices in the Mix!

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CNP 'Plant' their creative, vegan-friendly Cake Slices in the Mix!

CAKE, glorious cake! Want to have your cake and eat it?!

That's always the dream and the latest to try and make this a reality for us.... CNP or, more specifically, CNP Plant with their brand new, plant-based Birthday Cake & Salted Caramel flavoured vegan-friendly, protein-packed cake slices!!

⁠A slight change of pace for the (recently rebranded and relaunched) CNP Professional but we aren't complaining!⁠

So...a vegan sprinkled Birthday Cake bar?! Go on then! Very unusual to find Birthday Cake - always a favourite snack flavour/inspo of ours! - snacks on the plant-based side of the (garden) fence, and this one delivers a memorable almost marzipan-y taste and texture; more tray-bake than sponge...more brownie than cake... but deliciously moreish nonetheless! And the crunchy, colourful, sprinkle strands adorning this dairyfree delight? Literally and figuratively the icing on the proverbial!

Next up? Salted Caramel! ALWAYS an easy win, this is more Millionaire Shortbread to us BUT, hey, that's no bad thing!! Complete with crunchy biscuitty pieces in amongst the decadent, cocoa & cacao-rich chocolate flavour of this bake...it really works!  Think classic, fudgy fridge-cake but, of course, minus the after-dark guilt factor and of course...minus the dairy!

This characterful, creative duo are awesome little additions to the Mix...seemingly snack-sized yet surprisingly substantial (you'll see what we mean when you try them!!) and impressively low sugar, these cake-style bars offer something pretty different...nigh-on unique, in fact! Both nutritious and delicious - even better when zapped in the microwave too! - they pack 14g protein each and land under 200kcals!⁠

Digging what CNP have just 'PLANT-ed' here? Rumour has it that dairy-free cookies may be on the horizon for this growing CNP Plant range, too! Judging by these? We might well be in for some more sexy and pretty singular snacks! Watch this space, folks!!

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